Summer is always a wonderful time of the year for new experiences, particularly in fitness! Making the most of the warm weather can be a great way to organise a trial of new and trending workout experiences with yourself or a group of friends. Here are some ones to try out this year:

Best Burn Ever

Unique to Flow Athletic, the Best Burn Ever workout is an ultimate workout that promotes coordination, body awareness and being present with your body. Commencing with a full body warm-up, this workout will take you into a mobility flow allowing you to stretch and slow things down. It is then followed by three distinctive workout sets: standing work, plank/side bodywork, supine and abdominal work. The signature of the program is core stability and complex routine.


Immensely popular on the Hollywood scene is Rumble boxing. Rumble Boxing has truly made its mark for not only providing a solid workout but for making the workout an experience to remember. Rumble provides a full-body, group fitness workout suitable for beginners and advanced. The class will explore the science of boxing and strength training. The 45-minute fights are split into 10x 3-minute rounds that are programmed uniquely to Rumble.

Water Running

Taking advantage of the strength and coordination that water can provide, Fluid Running is an app-based workout that has revolutionised your next workout by bringing running into the water. Eliminating any running accidents, using the force of the water encourages muscular and cardiovascular benefits. Available through an app allows this workout is accessible for anyone who has access to a private or public pool.

Smart Machines

Using technology to workout can be particularly effective, particularly for those who prefer to workout from home. Vitruvian offers an innovative, smart connected machine that operates via algorithms that respond to your individual movements. Easy to set up and store, this machine offers a gym straight into your home. This effective, convenience workout can seamlessly blend into your lifestyle and home and even comes with an AI virtual personal trainer to keep you on track.

Cult programs

From the science-backed workout to the community it cultivates, there are so many reasons why BFT is booming around the world. BFT's 50-minute workouts are programmed to help reduce fat and create lean muscle. They are organised in 8-9 week progressive blocks to ensure members can keep improving over time.

Additionally, BFT utilises technology to drive positive outcomes for people at all fitness levels. From their bespoke heart rate system, to their high-level visual content. Due to the tech involved, coaches are able to spend more time concentrating on members as opposed to showing them how to do an exercise.