Ads to help drive a million EVs onto Australian roads

The Electric Vehicle Council has launched a new national advertising campaign, promoting the benefits of switching to electric and urging Australians to make their next car an EV.

The campaign, which features the tagline "my next car will be…", seeks to capitalise on the rapidly growing consumer interest in EVs. The ads also features a cheeky reference to Prime Minister Scott Morrison's 2019 claim that EVs would "ruin the weekend."

"We know Australians are eager to make the switch to cleaner driving that would free them from dependence on volatile imported oil. We believe that the more Australians understand the advantages of EVs, the more likely they are to make the switch," said EVC chief executive Behyad Jafari.

"The ads call on Australians to get behind the push to have a million EVs on Australian roads by 2027, which coincides with the federal government’s plan to introduce strong fuel efficiency standards.

"We need to incentivise car makers to make their best range of EVs available to Australians, so that Australian consumers have the same choice as drivers in the United States or Europe.

"Every time a driver chooses an EV they help themselves and they help the nation. If we can accelerate this transition it will lead to substantial benefits for the Australian economy and environment, including reduced greenhouse gas emissions, improved city air quality, and energy security."

The advertisements started running nationally.