The Federal Government will legislate a national Net Zero Authority to ensure workers, industries and communities in Australia’s traditional energy regions can “seize the opportunities of Australia’s net zero transformation.”

RE-Alliance, an independent community-based organisation, welcomes this announcement as an important step to developing a just and fast energy transition and looks forward to understanding how the Authority can contribute to communities in all Renewable Energy Zones.

“Australia’s coal-powered energy industry is the largest contributor of emissions. With renewable energy, we have the opportunity to switch to clean, reliable energy and make substantial gains to our climate commitments.”

“A strategic approach to the energy switch will put regional communities at the centre of opportunities that the clean energy revolution holds. At the same time it is important to ensure the impacts to communities are understood and every step taken to mitigate them” said RE-Alliance National Director Andrew Bray.

“Regional communities that host our crucial energy transformation need to be supported so they are well positioned to benefit from it.

“Clean energy developments should also deliver much-needed economic and social benefits that strengthen the resilience of our regional communities.”

“Workers in our traditional energy sectors and civil society have advocated for this legislation to support their transition to clean energy jobs, including reskilling programmes. We are delighted to see the Net Zero Authority identifies this and is committing to address this.”

“While the Authority clearly addresses the needs of industrial centres, similar work is needed in renewable energy zones that are based around agricultural industry.

“We look forward to exploring how this important body can deliver for agricultural communities.

With Australia’s abundant renewable energy resources, we are well positioned to meet our climate commitments. It is of utmost importance to ensure that this transition to net zero benefits all Australians, families and communities.