Sleeping can be one of those things where we can never quite feel like we have had enough of it! Sleep as we know, plays a crucial role in the development of our bodies and health. Ensuring that you are having the suggested amount of hours for your age is essential in maintaining the health of your body as falling into a sleep state often allows the body to heal, recover and rest as a result of your busy day. If you struggle to either fall asleep or stay asleep here are 5 tips that might just help:


Believe it or not, what you sleep in can have a big effect on the quality of sleep you may have. Ensuring your are wearing quality fabrics that are kind to your skin will encourage a breathable and relaxing sleep environment for your body. Silk is often recommended for sleep due to its luxurious nature and powerful benefits such as softness, breathability and will prevent dry and itchy skin as a result. The Fable offer pyjama sets that are 100% silk which can maximise your sleep experience.


While skincare may not exactly put you to sleep, having it as part of your self care, evening routine can certainly help you wind down for the day. As an added bonus, you will feel good by just knowing the benefits your skin is about to receive. Award-winning skincare brand, Minenssey, has recently launched the worlds first collagen clay mask, which is a great product to use at night. The mask comes as an infusion set and works to rejuvenate, lift and firm skin. It is innovative because it uses next generation recombinant collagen, which amazingly has a 94.8% biosimilar molecular structure to human collagen. It also features rare plant extracts that are found in Australia including  flannel flower, snow flower, Tasmanian pepperberry to combat anti-aging.

Try a warm soak:

If you are looking to maximise the length and quality of your sleep, you could try a long warm bath before bedtime. Not only is having a warm soak a great idea to help wash the day away however it can encourage your body to go into a more relaxed state as the heat will help lower your core body temperature which in turn will encourage the natural sleep signal from our body to brain.


Making the most of your environment in your bedroom where you sleep can also play an impactful role on the quality of sleep you might have. Using essential, calming oils such as lavender and citrus blends can encourage your senses to relax and unwind, allowing your body to feel calm and ready for a rest. Similar to a peaceful sleeping child, people have suggested using white noise machines (typically used for infants) to help the mind slow down in thoughts and lower any external noise distractions that may occur.

Screen time:

Of course, the most encouraged tip of all time is limit the use of screen time before bed. As we know, screens, particularly phones and televisions can be addictive for our minds and can often stimulate many of our senses which is not the ideal space for our minds to be in before we sleep. Try limiting or cutting out screen time completely an hour or so before you go to bed to ensure that your mind has slowed down from any over stimulations as a result of technology.