A new ‘functional’ non alcoholic seltzer, fronted by the Darling, Shine! podcast hosts, Chloe Fisher and Ellidy Pullin, has sold out in less than half a day with their brand - Hard FIZZ - rushing to fill more orders by April.

The two flavours - Dialled In and Glow - were snapped up in just 12 hours after going on sale online last Monday.

The company was expecting significant interest in its new FIZZ FUNCTIONAL range - with functional ingredients - but was blown away by the demand; and will now release a third zero percent flavour - Splash Tropical Crush, a hydrating sparkling water with electrolytes - as well.

Altogether, the brand sold 300 cartons and 4800 cans in the 12 hour buying frenzy with a total social media reach of 1.6 million in that time and more than four million impressions.

Pullin says she can’t get enough of the beverage.

“I’ve replaced my morning coffee with a Dialled In,” she laughs.

“The functional ingredients do give you a perk and help kick start your day but it also tastes great, so you actually want to drink it - not like a supplement or shake you have to force down sometimes.

“I wouldn’t be putting my name to it (FIZZ FUNCTIONAL) unless I absolutely loved it myself.”

Fisher echoes that sentiment.

“Hard FIZZ is a seltzer brand but let’s face it, you don’t want to, or can’t drink on every occasion and that’s where FIZZ FUNCTIONAL comes in,” she says.

“I love the marine collagen in Glow.

“Perhaps the best part, it’s guilt free because it’s got no sugar in it.”

Dialled In is a pink lemonade containing ginseng and guarana for focus and energy while the berry infused Glow contains marine collagen to strengthen hair, skin and nails.

The brand hopes the inclusion of functional ingredients will help it stand out in the already busy zero percent market.

“We’ve been working on a non alc range for a while as we can see there’s a huge market for it but to sell out in 12 hours is unbelievable,” Hard FIZZ CEO Wade Tiller, says.

“‘If anything, it’s given us the impetus to push forward with the range; and of course, add that third flavour in Splash Tropical Crush.”

“FIZZ FUNCTIONAL is about giving consumers another option.

“People are becoming increasingly health conscious but you can get sparkling water anywhere.

“The ‘good for you’ movement is essentially ‘not bad for you’ for the most part but Dialled In, Glow and now Splash Tropical Crush have genuine and proven health benefits.

“And they’re an all occasion drink - morning, noon and night - not to mention, incredibly flavourful.”

Hard FIZZ is now planning a retail rollout of the FIZZ FUNCTIONAL range given last week’s sellout.

All three flavours contain zero sugar with Dialled In containing just 14 calories while Glow has seven and Splash Tropical Crush has nine.

“As we always say at Hard FIZZ, we innovate with purpose and FIZZ FUNCTIONAL is yet another example of that,” Tiller says.

“We’ll test the market with Dialled In, Glow and Splash Tropical Crush and if we see a consumer base for it, which clearly there is, we’ll expand the range.”